This web site hsmm.info is brought to you by ALERTradio ERC and ResourceOne to present ideas regarding the use of High Speed Multi Media as a way to expand networks for emergency response communications and day to day operations. Many of the concepts can be applied to Amateur Radio and Public Safety Radio (along with Industrial / Business Applications).

ALERTradio ERC has the following purpose:

  • To provide reliable communications for public safety;
  • To be a resource for obtaining information and training in;
    • Communications
    • Emergency Management
    • Preparedness and Technical Response
  • To be a resource for gathering critical information prior, during and after an emergency(ies);
  • To be better informed through training and experience;

ALERT = Advance Level Emergency Response Technology
radio = a communications resource for delivery of critical information.
ERC = Emergency Response Communications


Communication – the means of understanding between one and another.

Computers – the daily workhorse of the new millennium.

Emergency Management – the ability to manage and expect the unexpected.

Networks – the equipment that allows for efficient use of resources.

Wireless – the ability to move freely and still have the benefit of a network