Forward-Thinking Digital Imagining

1) HSMM capabilities at least in the 70cm band and even in 1.25m band.

2 ) Long range HSMM networks with data/video/voice capabilities. (With products like the Ubiquiti Networks Bullet [] should be able to get some decent range)

3) Low-cost Digital Interface that can plug into any radio with a data port (most new radios have a data port present, plus by regulation {at least for Part 90 equipment} they have to be able to handle at least 4k8 baud data – definitely not high speed, but it lets messaging take place).

4) Compact Rapid Deployment Links (RaDL) based on Asterisk that can be quickly delivered to any location thus providing phone and radio connectivity. ** Come up with a way to do it with the Gumstix Overo boards everything could fit in a radio. Add a Ethernet pigtail on the back of the radio one would have access to local SIP/IAX2 phone capabilities plus the radio could provide long-haul capabilities for at least one call to the outside world. Instant dispatch capabilities with the package too, along with intertie to other radio systems.**

The radio itself would work as a link/remote base anyone in the local network could connect through the LAN/wLAN to the RF side to transmit/receive via the radio itself. Plus they would still have local network capabilities. Since the original gumstix/Asterisk package was able to handle 10 to 15 calls, the new package should be able to increase that by at least to 15 to 20 calls.  Attach another wLAN to the RaDL would create another sub-network as well as capability for a second RF Gateway channel.

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