Need to do some recruiting so that resources can be within the “neighborhood.”  This will make it a lot easier to test the HSMM gear.

Then continue on with the following objectives:

  • Develop Alternative Communication Resources
    • develop resources that reach into neighborhood settings
      • what is needed to cover individual areas (within 2 to 5 mile radius, 10 mile radius, et al)?
      • resources that are quick to deploy and easy to operate
    • develop ways to use WiFi technology for delivery of critical information
      • most smart phones have WiFi available that can be used with hot spots for localized communications
      • with additional Amateur Radio Operators a resource similar to WiFi called High Speed Multi Media (HSMM) can be used
        • HSMM provides longer range communication via higher gain antennas and higher RF power that is available
  • Everyone needs a PAS (Portable Asterisk Server) a IP-PBX package that fits in nicely with high speed multi media. As well as being a able to create its own network without the need to connect to a master database. With the miniaturization of computers the PAS can be operate with very low power consumption.
    • The PAS will work along with the HSMM creating a local and extended range wireless telephone network.
  • Additional Training opportunities plan on “in person” and online training.

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